WPNotif v2.6.1.9 – WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

WPNotif is a WordPress plugin that allows you to send SMS or WhatsApp alerts to your clients directly from your website.

When establishing a new order or changing the status of an existing order, the plugin is completely compatible with WooCommerce, and you can set up an automated notification trigger for your customers. Administrators of the site, such as store owners, editors, and so on. You may also set up WhatsApp messages and notifications manually.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/24045791

You may also set up separate ports for different countries, which might help you save money on SMS and send more messages at the same time. You can either use the cheapest gateway or a mix of gateways.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Features WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications
  • 2 SMS Gateways – WPNotif
  • 3 Changelog WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications Nulled Free
  • 4 Download WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications v2.6.1.9 Nulled:

Features WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

Features WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications
  • Multisite support
  • More than 20 SMS integrated gateways
  • Fast SMS Sending (Manual)
  • Send SMS from the order page
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Ready to translate
  • Full WooCommerce Support
  • Automatic WooCommerce order status update notification
  • Manually activate status SMS
  • Multi-country support

SMS Gateways – WPNotif

  • Twilio
  • MSG91
  • Alibaba
  • Amazon SNS
  • Clickatell
  • ClickSend
  • ClockWork
  • Kalyera
  • MessageBird
  • Mobily.ws
  • Nexmo
  • Pilvo
  • TextLocal
  • Unifonic
  • Melipayamak
  • Adnsms
  • Netgsm
  • Smsc.ru
  • TargetSMS
  • Yunpian
  • Ghasedak
  • Farapayamak
schedule message newslettersschedule message newsletters

Changelog WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications Nulled Free

9 January 2022 – v2.6.1 – Improved: Android 12 Support for WPNotif App – Improved: Gupshup WhatsApp integration – Improved: Gateway.sa integration – Improved: Branded SMS Pakistan integration – Improved: SMSCountry gateway unicode support – Improved: From support in sms.ru – Improved: Test gateway phone number field – Fixed: Gravity Forms Edit Entry not saving phone number – Fixed: WC Order status change notification not triggering from Vendor Dashboard – Fixed: Newsletter sending duplicate in very rare cases – Fixed: WhatsApp notification not working when SMS template is empty – Fixed: Issues with 360Dialog gateway – Fixed: Issues with eskiz.uz gateway – Fixed: Disable cron job setting not getting saved – Fixed: Custom trigger not working in some cases – Fixed: {{vendor-name}} not working when using {{orderitem- in same template 27 November 2021 – Version 2.6 – New: Buddypress Compatibility / Notification triggers – New: Elementor Forms compatibility – New: Routes in Quick Notification – New: Ability to update order status without sending notification – New: Conditional logic compatibility with Gravity Forms – New: Individual Items price shortcode – New: Ability to trigger notification for different status from orders page – New: Ability to disable cron – New: 360Dialog WhatsApp Gateway – New: OurSMS.net SMS Gateway – New: WholesaleSMS SMS Gateway – New: Mobile.net.sa SMS Gateway – New: Eskiz.uz SMS Gateway – New: GlobeLabs SMS Gateway – Improved: Toast SMS Gateway API – Fixed: WPNotif field in gravity forms not showing in some sites – Fixed: SMSFactor gateway issue – Fixed: Select and checkbox rendering as array in CF7 – Fixed: Multiple user groups not getting selected in New Post Notifications 8 October 2021 – Version 2.5.1 Improved: Foxglove Gateway API Update Improved: Kalyera settings Improved: Allow theme to overwrite our font Improved: DLT Template ID support in custom gateway Fixed: Esendex gateway issue Fixed: Gravity forms edit phone field not working Fixed: Not being able to remove number from account Fixed: Add taxes in vendor order total 21 July 2021 – Version 2.5 New: SKU Shortcode New: Individual item price shortcode for multiple items New: Option to use WhatsApp Web or Desktop App New: Msg91 Unicode support New: Yith Vendor compatbility New: DLT compatibility in Custom Gateway feature Improved: Added taxes in vendor order total Improved: Change the separater from : to => in DLT templates Improved: Multivendor support in single order Fixed: TurkeySMS gateway issue Fixed: Send Quick SMS label translation = 23 April 2021 – Version v2.4.0.7 = New: smsaleart.co.in gateway integration New: hubtel.com gateway integration New: toast.com gateway integration New: telesign.com gateway integration New: kavenegar.com gateway integration New: brandedsmspakistan.com gateway integration New: beeline.ru gateway integration New: sms.ru gateway integration New: routee.net gateway integration New: web2sms237.com gateway integration New: smsmode.com gaetway integration New: turkeysms.com.tr gateway integration New: sozuri.net gateway integration New: kivalosolutions.com gateway integration New: sms.ninja gateway integration New: websms.com gateway integration New: DLT compatibility with many Indian gateways New: Android app does not request delivery report now Improved: Integration with WCFM marketplace Improved: Unifonic URL update Improved: Phone number recognition Fixed: Menu conflict with WC vendor plugin Fixed: Issue with SMSMasivos Fixed: WooCommerce Tax placeholder not working Fixed: User group not working when size of user role is more than 30 characters = 8 February 2021 – Version 2.3 = New: Realtime push update to android app for SMS Gateway New: Pending Payment Notification wait time New: User Approval (Digits Plugin) Notifications New: Vendor Name placeholder New: Site URL, WordPress URL, Tagline, Privacy Policy Placeholder New: Line break allowed in newsletter New: Variable product support in shortcode New: Order Item support in custom placeholder New: WooCommerce Billing Phone field support in newsletter New: OsonSMS gateway integration New: SMS.ir gateway integration New: Doo.ae gaeway integration New: Notify.lk gateway integration New: Malath.net.sa gateway integration Improved: Phone number support Improved: WhatsApp Business API Gateway test Improved: Added route option in Msg91 Improved: Sender name in orange gateway Improved: Plugin size Fixed: App not sending SMS in some devices Fixed: Issues with some gateways Fixed: Phone number input mask on admin’s end Fixed: libphonenumber issue with some plugins = 21 November 2020 – Version = – New: Messagebird WhatsApp Gateway – New: Karix WhatsApp Gateway – New: Gupshup WhatsApp Gateway – Fixed: Line break not working in Newsletter WhatsApp route = v2.1.3 = – Improved: Option to pass number with or without country code to mobile app – Improved: Twilio WhatsApp integration – Improved: Newsletter compatbility with WC Billing Phone – Fixed: 2factor gateway issue – Fixed: MimSMS BD portal not working – Fixed: User consent causing crash when WC not installed – Fixed: Tracking placeholder crash in some sites – Fixed: # rendering with placeholder – New: Shortcode for edit phone field – New: ExpertTexting Gateway – New: Route option for contact forms – New: Message encoding option for custom gateway – Improved: Nonce verification getting failed in Newsletter subscription form in some cases – Fixed: WhatsApp Business App not opening from WPNotif App – Fixed: Custom gateway not working when post data is sent as string – Fixed: WhatsApp Business not working for Manual SMS trigger – Fixed: Custom placeholder not working for guest checkout fields – Fixed: Gravity forms admin notifications not working in rare cases
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Download WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications v2.6.1.9 Nulled:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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