WooCommerce Subscriptions v4.0.2 – Subscription Plugin For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a plugin that provides recurring billing products and services in your store.

You can sell subscription-based products and services. This description will help you understand how to do this. It describes the options available to choose how to sell subscription-based goods and services in your WooCommerce store

Demo: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/

Table of Contents

  • 1 WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin features
  • 2 Changelog WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled Free
  • 3 Download WooCommerce Subscriptions v4.0.2 Nulled:

WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin features

  • Free Trial & Subscription Fee
  • Register variable (Variable)
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Manage subscriber account
  • Synchronized payments
  • Upgrade / downgrade
  • Flexible product options
  • Multiple registration options at the same time
  • Registration coupon
  • Customer email…

Changelog WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled Free

2022-02-07 – v4.0.2 * Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.6.3. PR#4307 * Fix: Replace uses of is_ajax() with wp_doing_ajax(). wcs#4296 PR#4307 * Improve handling of session data. 2022-01-19 – v4.0.1 * Fix: Prevent fatal error when too few arguments passed to widget_title filter. PR#4302 * Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.6.2. PR#4302 2021-10-06 – v3.1.6 * Fix: Add back the limited subscription setting for simple subscription products (introduced in v3.1.5). PR#4214 2021-09-28 – v3.1.5 * Fix: Update subtracted tax amounts to account for quantity changes. PR#4107 * Fix: Correctly remove limited coupons (i.e. “Active for x payments”) when the coupon code is made up of only numeric characters. PR#4139 * Fix: Only set subtracted taxes on new items when the rates don’t match the base location. PR#4177 * Fix: Hide variable subscription meta fields on the Edit Product page of custom variable products. PR#4193 * Fix: Use the shipping fields to get and save the edit subscription shipping field data. PR#4161 * Fix: Fix TypeError exceptions by checking for WC_Order types inside wcs_get_subscriptions_for_order(). PR#4188 * Fix: Incorrect subtracted tax calculations when updating the subscription when the store currency uses a comma decimal separator. PR#4182 * Fix: Hide the shipping address fields on checkout when the cart contains a subscription product and the ‘Force shipping to billing address’ setting is selected. PR#4172 * Fix: Get the signup fee for coupon calculation inclusive or excluding tax depending on store settings. PR#4166 2021-07-22 – v3.1.4 * Fix: Points and Rewards discounts (including WC Coupons when Points and Rewards is active) being removed from the cart when applied on the checkout page. PR#4158 * Fix: Subscriptions with one-time shipping having shipping charged on all renewal orders. PR#4156 * Fix: Rare fatal error caused by missing WC_Query class. PR#4155 * Fix: Make loading the variation edit product tab more performant on large sites. PR#4144 * Fix: Add a primary key to the last payment temporary table to improve compatibility with some hosts on larger sites. PR#4151 * Tweak: Update the wording when a customer edits their subscription address that this applies to “future renewals”. PR#4118 * Dev: Add missing `woocommerce_rest_pre_insert_shop_subscription_object` filter to prepare_object_for_database() within the Subscriptions REST API controller class. PR#4119 * Dev: Add a `data-payment-method` attribute to the Early Renewal modal button action. PR#4123 2021-06-09 – v3.1.3 * Fix: Switch calculations not correctly charging the full sign up fee when the “Prorate Sign up Fee” option is set to “Never (charge the full sign up fee)”. PR#4096 * Fix: Fixes PayPal Reference Transactions integration with Checkout blocks. PR#4105 * Fix: Set the updated payment token on all pending-payment renewals so that manually retrying a failed payment uses the updated token set on the subscription. PR#4108 * Dev: Moved the `WC_Subscriptions::enqueue_scripts` and` WC_Subscriptions::equeue_styles` static functions to the new `WC_Subscriptions_Frontend_Scripts` class (deprecated existing functions). PR#4104 2021-05-12 – v3.1.1 * Fix: “Invalid recurring shipping method” error on checkout when attempting to purchase a subscription with one-time shipping. PR#4088 * Fix: Rework subscription webhook migration script added in 3.1 to clear cached webhook data. PR#4082 2021-04-16 – v3.0.15 * Tweak: Improve compatibility with WPML. PR#4034 * Dev: Introduce filter to allow third-parties gateways to filter whether a token meta was updated. PR#4030 * Fix: Fixes for endpoint in “My Account”. 2021-04-07 – v3.0.14 * New: Add support for importing and exporting subscription variations via the WooCommerce > Products > Export/Import tools. PR#3970 * Fix: Only show one Subscriptions settings menu item on the WC Admin navigation. PR#4054 * Fix: Prevent PHP notices on the Edit Subscription page caused accessing an undefined index. PR#4056 * Fix: Existing variations will no longer be deleted when updating a regular variable product to a subscription variable product. PR#3795 * Fix: Update the `_subtracted_base_location_tax` meta data when a subscription’s line item quantity is modified. PR#4039 * Fix: Next payment date calculations when the start date and last payment date are the same. PR#4017 * Dev: Update jQuery 3.0 deprecations. PR#4015 2021-02-16 – v3.0.13 * Fix: Pass an order status array to get_order_report_data() to prevent possible fatals by 3rd parties. PR#3930 * Fix: Change logic to allow customers to pay for failed order with limited product. PR#3947 * Fix: Prevent base length from being saved in the DB when retrieved in ‘apportion_length’. PR#3954 * Fix: Prevent errors when using Product Bundles (which uses WCS_Add_Cart_Item) by introducing a WCS_Add_Cart_Item::is_switch_after_fully_reduced_prepaid_term() function. PR#3957 * Fix: Introduce an SQL Transactions helper with automatic commit/rollback on shutdown. Prevents strange behaviour when a shutdown occurs during a SQL transaction. PR#3827 * Fix: [PHP 8.0] Change maybe_retry_payment() arg name to prevent unknown variable name errors. PR#3984 * Fix: Delete ‘_switch_totals_calc_base_length’ meta incorrectly saved in the database on upgrade. PR#3958 * Fix: Prevent WC_Order_Item_Coupon::eek:ffsetGet errors during renewal. PR#4009 * Dev: Introduce new hooks to various Switch_Totals_Calculator functions. PR#3872 2021-01-06 – v3.0.12 * New: Add an order note when subscriptions are deleted after the customer is deleted. PR#3783 * New: [WC Admin] Register items in new navigation menu. PR#3868 * New: [WC Admin] Add the Subscriptions setting to WC Admin’s Settings navigation list. PR#3911 * Tweak: Fix capitalisation of Subscription webhook topic names so they match WooCommerce core. PR#3902 * Tweak: Refactor `wcs_help_tip()` to enable custom tooltip classes. PR#3871 * Tweak: Replace remaining uses of new WC_Order() with wc_get_order() to get an order instance. PR#3858 * Fix: Fix the amount customers are charged after switching after a previous switch which reduced the pre-paid term fully. PR#3805 * Fix: Calculate a gap payment when switching to a subscription with one length and no payment date to extend. PR#3879 * Fix: Only require cart payment if there’s a subscription with a next payment date. PR#3899 * Fix: Only display the failed scheduled action warning to admin users who can view subscriptions. PR#3905 * Fix: Prefix attribute keys correctly before getting switch url. Fixes issues with auto-switch redirects removing pre-exisiting URL params. PR#3913 * Fix: Prevent reducing stock while saving a subscription on the admin edit subscription screen. PR#3926 * Fix: Use product object to read the original, unmodified length of a cart item during a switch. PR#3929 * Dev: Trigger create/update webhooks during Subscription REST API calls. PR#3919 * Dev: Add filters to enable third-parties to change the new and old payment method titles used in subscription changed payment method notes. PR#3908 2020-11-25 – v3.0.11 * Tweak: Improve the missing customer error message displayed for third-party built checkouts when registration is disabled on checkout. PR#3893 * Fix: Remove the possibility of a negative calculation of prepaid days on subscription downgrades. PR#3881 * Fix: Fix issues preventing stores using the $0 Initial Checkout feature from being able to checkout. PR#3887 * Fix: Remove potential fatal error when processing end-of-prepaid term scheduled actions caused by the subscription not existing. PR#3875 * Fix: Trigger payment complete actions after renewing early via modal. PR#3888 * Fix: Performance improvements to limited products running slow queries on the shop page. PR#3895 * Fix: [PHP 8.0] Only pass array values to call_user_func_array calls. PR#3884 * Fix: [PHP 8.0] Replaces certain uses of method_exists() with is_callable(). PR#3892 * Tweak: Remove the ‘$X now’ from price string when synced product sign up date is today. PR#3797 * Fix: Treat a subscription with a cancelled parent order as “needing payment”. This ensures cancelling the subscription will go right to cancelled, rather than pending-cancellation. PR#3784 * Fix: Remove code responsible for hiding/showing the WC order totals meta box. This fixes the deprecated jQuery.fn.load() warnings. PR#3786 * Fix: Fix updating status and end dates via the REST API. PR#3796 * Dev: Add an action hook to edit subscription admin payment meta inputs. Enables third-parties to display custom fields for each gateway. PR#3798 * Dev: Opt-in tracking data for Subscriptions Reports PR#3738 = v3.0.11 = Data sent to WooCommerce: Subscriptions report views Subscriptions report filter usage – clicks and report range Number of subscriptions, orders, products Plugin version To disable this tracking, opt-out of WooCommerce tracking, see https://woocommerce.com/usage-tracking/
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Download WooCommerce Subscriptions v4.0.2 Nulled: 

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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