Stellar v2.1.7 – Star Rating plugin for WordPress

Stellar – Star Rating plugin for WordPress is a star rating plugin for WordPress. Plugins This can generate and save ratings for each WordPress entry, whether it’s a Post, Page, or Product. Microdata search support allows you to improve your plugin’s position and visibility on Google pages with the click of a button in the settings. Flexible settings make it possible to create ratings for any capacity from 3 stars, 5 stars, 10 stars and even 12 stars. And of course, choose any icon from the huge library of predefined icons, or even upload your own SVG icon for rating.

Stellar plugin – Star Rating plugin for WordPress is fully protected from fraud due to a customizable vote limit from one IP. Besides, because the results are cracked distributed, it is not possible to fool the scoring system in Stellar. Merkulove monitors WordPress core updates and regularly update plugins. So you can be sure that the plugin is fully functional with the latest version of WordPress.



Table of Contents

  • 1 Stellar plugin features – Star Rating plugin for WordPress
  • 2 The Stellar WordPress plugin is especially compatible with all modern browsers.
  • 3 Changelog: Stellar – Star Rating plugin for WordPress
  • 4 Download Stellar v2.1.7 – Star Rating plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

Stellar plugin features – Star Rating plugin for WordPress

  • Customizable number and size of icons, colors and layout
  • Huge icon library for review scores and custom SVG icon usage and upload interface
  • Customizable voting limits from one IP
  • markup included for best positions in Google search results
  • Place the plugin in one of the predefined locations or use the shortcode anywhere
  • Perfect for WordPress posts, pages and products
  • Show results on the front end and (or) in the WordPress admin area
  • Attached file for quick translation into any language
  • Works well with all WordPress theme
  • Perfect for RTL . direction
  • Adjustable rating capacity (number of stars) from 1 to 12
  • Fast and smooth installation
  • Tested and compatible up to WordPress 5+
  • Light and fast
  • Vanilla JavaScript, no jQuery
  • Gutenberg complies
  • All major browsers supported Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge
  • 100% SEO friendly
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Modern user interface
  • Tasks for any WordPress entity: Categories, Single Pages, User Roles, Devices and more
  • Detailed Installation Instructions and User Manual
  • Six months including buyer support CodeCanyon

The flexible configuration of the plugin link shows the plugin only on the WordPress sites you want and to groups of users you choose. The ranking results can be displayed on both the back end and frontend of the website, or they can be completely hidden.

The Stellar WordPress plugin is especially compatible with all modern browsers.

It doesn’t matter which browser users view your website: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge. Everything will look great on all devices and in all browsers. And this is especially important if your website has a lot of unique content, such as Blog, Glossary, Portfolio, Corporate Website, eCommerce Project, Creative Agency, Real Estate Listing, Personal CV, a Restaurant, Retail Company, Global Media Agency, or Magazine. There are no compatibility restrictions for the Stellar Ranking WordPress Plugin. The plugin can work with any WordPress theme. Therefore, when buying a plugin, you can be sure that it will work on Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, The7, Flatsome, Enfold, etc

Installation is smooth and only takes a few seconds. The plugin is ready to go right after installation – you just need to install and activate it in WordPress. Read more about Settings Star Rating for WordPress Pages.

Changelog: Stellar – Star Rating plugin for WordPress

v2.1.7 – 5 November 2021 Added [stellar overall=””] shortcode Added [stellar average=””] shortcode Added overall rating for website and each of custom post types in dashboard widget Improved overview of the dashboard widget Improved mobile view of the rating bar Fixed Advanced Schema Markup display by post type v2.1.6 – 4 October 2021 Fixed cURL error v2.1.5 – 12 August 2021 Added id attribute to the [stellar] shortcode v2.1.4 – 16 June 2021 Improved compatibility with BBPress Improved tooltip style for some WordPress themes Fixed styles and scripts load for shortcode use cases Fixed tooltip freeze when moving the mouse up v2.1.2 – 15 December 2020 Fixed console error on the plugin settings page v2.1.1 – 17 November 2020 Fixed calculation formula for shortcode [stellar top=””]. v2.1.0 – 7 November 2020 Added shortcode [stellar top=”50″ for=”post”] Fixed sorting posts in the widget on the dashboard v2.0.4 – 29 October 2020 Fixed images in Layout select v2.0.2 – 22 October 2020 Fixed displaying rating before voting Fixed missing settings after plugin update v2.0.1 – 21 October 2020 Fixed CSS issue related to not-squared icons Fixed Subscription form Fixed Check Updates button v2.0.0 – 20 October 2020 Added Limit Exceeded Message Added display of rating to non-voted users Added rating rounding Down or Up Added displaying Half of the Icons Added Hover Color setting Improved performance in the admin area Refactoring front-end CSS
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Download Stellar v2.1.7 – Star Rating plugin for WordPress Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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