Slider Revolution WordPress v6.5.15 (Templates + Addons + Plugin) – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution is a responsive and innovative WordPress slider plugin that allows you to show your content in a stylish way.

Slider Revolution 6 is a ground-breaking new technique to developing dynamic, rich content for your website.

Without any prior programming skills, you can instantly create a fantastic website. The plugin contains a number of ready-to-use examples (revolution slider templates) that combine all of the available templates to help you get started quickly!

Table of Contents

  • 1 Features Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin:
  • 2 Changelog Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugins Nulled Free
  • 3 Download Slider Revolution v6.5.15 nulled + Addons + Templates:

Features Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin:

New Visual Editor Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin"
200+ Templates Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin200+ Templates Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin
  • You may design amazing websites on a single page.
  • There are a lot of examples in this book.
  • It’s compatible with any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • It’s not necessary to know how to code!

The 6th Edition of Slider Revolution is now available. WordPress Builder has an optimized editor with all options gathered together so you can work quicker.

  • Usability has been improved.
  • Work more efficiently and productively.
  • The user interface is dark and simple to read.
  • Boosted loading speed
Addons Slider RevolutionAddons Slider Revolution
  • Visual Editor
  • It’s easy to set up, and updates are accessible right away.
  • Over 200 ready-to-use sample templates are available (Refer to demo here)
  • There are over 2000 object libraries to choose from.
  • Over 20 add-ons are included in the download box (addons).
  • ……..

Slider Revolutionary WordPress Builder has a library of over 20 add-ons that expand the plugin’s capabilities.

  • To the nth degree of customization
  • Revslider is the only one with special effects.
  • Add a plugin if desired.
  • On a regular basis, new add-ons are launched.
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress PluginSlider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Changelog Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugins Nulled Free

Version 6.5.15 (31st January 2022) Bugfixes Opening a WordPress media modal fails because the editor script overwrites the _ variable Notice occurs in post based sliders, as $attr1 is undefined Advanced transitions fail on websites using subdomain as CDN Gutenberg block preview not available Gutenberg editor glitches on mouse enter and hover Gutenberg template not updating after disabling blank page Slider Revolution settings on WordPress pages are stuck on the top Bottom margin issues on fixed slider scroll processes where the Slider is higher than the page Exporting modules with advanced transitions ignore the predefined values Sometimes glitches occur in the media library after triggering dropdowns in module editor Carousel height jumps when a slide comes in focus after latest update 6.5.14 and 6.5.13 Console logs and errors are visible in some rare cases Animation issues on menu in some older templates Version 6.5.14 (6th January 2022) Bugfixes JS error in some rare cases due to a conflict between underscore.js and some editor scripts by overwriting the global _ variable Version 6.5.13 (6th January 2022) Bugfixes Middle row zones in carousel are not in the right position if the carousel is dragged and not triggered by navigation buttons Instagram display date meta shows system date instead of instagram post date SVG layer can not be resized due to the size options after saving and reloading the editor Advanced rotation, opacity and filter which are assigend to the mask container are not showing in the editor, only live and in preview Hover zoom breaks out of mask after dragging the carousel STRONG tag lineheight is different (25 default) as the lineheight of the layer itself JS warnings in Safari when backdrop filters are used Not existing modal pop up on scroll drop JS failures Version 6.5.12 (21st December 2021) New Features Added new submenus: Getting Started, Help Center, Templates, Premium Support and Go Premium Changes Menu burger buttons and scroll down buttons won’t use out of box the intelligent size inheriting to avoid strange spacing on smaller devices Updated GSAP to version 3.9.0 Simplified duplicating and copy pasting layers with actions triggering the duplicated layers with steps like: Deleting a layer will remove the action references pointing on it from other layers Undoing “delete layer” will recreate the deleted action references as well Duplicating a layer will check for all pointing action references and will also duplicate those by adjusting the target id as well Bugfixes Changing audio preload options does not have any influence on loading performance and results on frontend Selecting post based slider by popularity, related and recent does not allow categories to be selected Backend is slow in Chrome if more than 200 elements are added in rows and columns. Issue happens only in WebKit browsers based on transform perspective and filters Glitch effect of advanced transitions throws console error Duplicating layers undo/redo group is filled with multiple steps, single redo/undo is not working Menu link & scroll action’s scroll offset value is ignored Change between navigation and general settings in the editor does not refresh the layer rendering, generating artifacts until next refresh Multiple rows and columns generating artifacts on Chrome version 96.0.4664.110+ Centered rows may show layers and elements in columns blurry if the content is drawn on half pixels. Core will now internally calculate the vertical position of rows and columns Version 6.5.11 (19th November 2021) Bugfixes JavaScript error breaks the global settings in the overview mode and throws a console error getConcVals Version 6.5.10 (17th November 2021) Changes Fullwidth layout in combination with Timeline based scroll will allow optional to pull content now Slider Revolution meta box now shows on all custom post types v6.5.9 (11th October 2021) Thanks To @Medw1311 Changes Added Trust Pilot review link to overview page Added deregistration warning informations Not installed AddOns will warn now in overview, and allow a one click installation of all required elements Added premium templates badge on original templates from library. Templates can be used only in registered and licensed environments Bugfixes Color update for SVG layers is inconsistent on carousel if lazy loading is set to single or smart SVG options are squeezed in editor Slide animation “in” resets opacity to 0 when 1 is set and the editor reloads Downsized carousel items get squeezed images on fullwidth layout Firefox shows console warnings for -webkit-backdrop-filter Using the carousel justify option generates console errors in rare cases and prevents the carousel from rendering BG WPML translation priorities terms were not ignored Dropdowns in-place search is not filtering by Option content, only by option value Firefox mouseleave event is not triggering when slide change has been called due further actions In very rare cases, slider height grows if column contains layer with 100% height Slide based direction is not working if animation distances set by pixel Changed locale for decimals in PHP results in a JavaScript error HTML export is missing CSS and JS files from AddOns Reverse scroll option makes slider jump to last slide Volume level for audio layer does not work correctly on Safari v6.5.8 (7th September 2021) Changes Added cursor mode “none” to the option list to be able to hide the cursor on “a” tags when mouse track is activated Introducing tag option for slide links (available options: “a” & “rs-layer”) to avoid FireFox popup blocking on _blank targets Introducing a global option: “Lazy Load on BG Images”. This will allow to load BG images also with lazy load, defined due the lazy load global and module based options Editing the size of layers in a column will replace % sizes into px on edit. Added a further protection which will only change the height values if the height is set over 98% within the column of any layer Bugfixes Carousel slider is flickering in Safari Safari clippath animations are not visible during the animation Some third party form options fail to work correctly. (This may have affected other third party integration as well) Missing Elementor property on load causes the Cookiebot plugin to fail Solid color background with opacity gets darker on refocus First slide using the Advanced Transition’s blur effect flashes black background Advanced Transition with PanZoom BG jumps on slide change Using fullscreen toggle on slider with parallax effect does not reset BG correctly Blend Mode “color” is not working well in Safari. (Fallback to color-burn works) Slider Revolution can not be added to WordPress Widgets area. JS Failures Revolution Slider in Essential Grid’s lightbox opens only on the first time Carousel background is squashed if the carousel’s ‘Keep Aspect Ratio(Justify)’ option is turned off Slider added using the Gutenberg block is pushed to the right side if the slider uses “Fixed during scroll” option Gap (border) option does not work correctly on fullwidth and fullscreen slider v6.5.7 (20th August 2021) Changes Added global option to load YT API in header which can be useful if Google Analytics is enabled on page Bugfixes Carousel slider doesn’t render after reopening modal Modal does not open after update 6.5.6 Slider background does not render for a customer after upgrading from 6.3.9 to 6.5.6 Shape, button and text layers breaks module processes if they use % based height in columns Triggered groups shows content after resize even though they should stay invisible ‘Scroll Below Slider’ action lags if page has scroll-behavior set to smooth All default slide transitions show animations within 1000ms on frontend, even if the backend has a different value set Modal shows horizontal scrollbar on Windows Version 6.5.6 (6th August 2021) Changes Timeline default length update will also update all layer timings with “Wait for End” in each slides of that module Added search, filter and sorting functions to the Addon overview area for better overview Bugfixes Elementor popup not loading with slider. Even with added protections, it is not stable, therefore we recommend to use Slider Revolution’s own popup functionality Video and PanZoom aspect ratio may not be correct during the slide transition Vimeo video in carousel not covering vertically and the first play of Vimeo background videos are not showing in carousel RS conflicts with elementor lottie Fonts don’t render correctly due to quotes around font family A deprecation notice block_categories occurs from WordPress 5.8.0 onwards Justify carousel hides max amount of shown slides option and makes layout dimension changes hard to understand Navigation font family preset is not selected after reload Navigation Skin editor meta values not shown, meta type shows always custom Background image gets drawn twice while using BG Fit Percentage Shortcodes from RevSlider v5 with – in it are not found Mouse scroll not working on fullscreen slider if viewport value is set to 100% Alternate slide anination is ignoring main animation once loop done Version 6.5.5 (21st July 2021) Changes Table structure changed from unique to primary key Changed wording of clip path ‘Inverts’ option to ‘Custom Mask’ and replaced icons for better understanding Added protection in case any page builder or third party plugin double output scripts in page Added protection against if slider should wait on elementor scripts, but they wont be loaded Bugfixes Page jumps while loading on some themes if slider loads after content Regression 6.5.4 affected hamburger style and renders incorrectly If ‘Min Height’ option is set, it affects styling of carousel slider {{catlist}} and {{catlist_raw}} is empty on custom post types Vimeo video background is always blurry, it used to be sharp in the pre Canvas version Ken burns effect jitters in FireFox Ken burns image shows after transitioning to second slide JavaScript errors prevent slide from changing while using with Elementor tabs ClipPath animation with “Invert Types” and default 100% values render differently on frontend and backend until values changed manually once Slider max-width is written without px if it is not specially set Scripts and styles are loaded on backend pages where they are not needed v6.5.4 (2nd July 2021) Bugfixes The internal revicons.woff is loaded when it is not needed PanZoom jumps on mobile/high DPR displays PanZoom animation is not smooth, jittering on iOS Content jumps vertically on page load due to missing styles at the first rendering in some cases Motion blur renders partially while used with videos on Chrome, likely due to a browser specific bug v6.5.3 (25th June 2021) New Features Added performance option to slider transitions, which will allow to prioritise perfomance vs image quality during the slide transition Added new option “Set Filters on Mask” to layer animation. This option allows to set the filters on the layer wrapper mask instead of the layer itself. to avoid strange cuts on overflow hidden elements as workaround for the Safari bug where blur and x,y rotations resizes the layers Extended openModalAPI to be able to load modules in page by ajax on demand by id, index or slide key Bugfixes​ Adding the same slider more than once to the post/page resulted in the JS revapi variable beeing defined multiple times Tags are written in image titles on certain conditions Splitted and blurred text animation on Safari looks different, letters pop up without animation Required AddOn update message shows wrong update versions in certain cases Hidden slides are printed into the HTML Some external images are not visible in backend and load stretched on frontend (CORS error visible in console) iFrame in layers fail to load in some special cases Layer actions with target layers fail to open due to error HTML export does not write some newly added JavaScript JS error if slider uses “Observe Wrapper” option Elementor, Divi, Wp Backery or other third party plugin conflicts if the library loading is set to defered, async in footer Clicking on buttons sometimes fails in Firefox if 3D parallax is used “Lazy Load All” does not load all images one by one in case the ViewPort option is enabled globally v6.5.2 (17th June 2021) Bugfixes Error causes release version to fail in backend and it prevents some backend features from working v6.5.1 (17th June 2021) Bugfixes Updating to latest AddOn versions may load old JavaScript files Slider fails to load because third party scripts polluted default Array and Object objects Slider Revolution and Elementor conflicts if Elementor section is also fullwidth Opening page in new tab on iPhone gives slider wrong dimensions because Safari reports height incorrectly Strange Artifacts on Slider backgrounds and transitions. Comes due to an early load of the Slider Revolution environment, where i.e. WP Rocket (and other tools) may re-add already processed images to the DOM v6.5.0 (15th June 2021) New Features Added vimeo thumbnail loader for background videos Added new global initialisation process optimization All JS files (except rbtools.min.js) will load asynchronous defered in footer to fill the new Google Lighthouse requests for better ranking New global option to enable viewport an viewport distance on all existing modules with one click New global option to overwrite “no lazy loading” with any other setting, to enable lazy loading internally in each slider modules New modal API added to load any slider as modal via API i.e. jQuery.fn.revolution.openModalAPI(modal,modalslide,url) where the URL is the URL of ajax action, modal is the modal slider id and modal slide the modal slide id Solved high memory usage on iOS browsers where 3x sized retina images may brake the maximum 384MB limitations During slide animations, all content will reduce resolution to speed up the processing in complex rendering, however after that it changes back to the best available resolutions Added two new metas to dynamic add current slide index and count of slides into layer content. {{current_slide_index}} and {{total_slide_count}} Bugfixes​ Iris colorpicker click listener reloads page due to WordPress bug. Colorpicker will ignore that click event from RS side Lock and visibility icons are not available on the layer list after adding, removing, duplicating layers Disabling hover options on layers still shows animation on mouse enter and leave Custom navigation presets can not be added or do not save Weather AddOn location can not be extended Page content jumps on initial load if JS files are added to the footer Elliptical gradients are not drawing well YouTube posters is not displaying after reloading editor Navigation thumbs speed option is not working Wrong start/end y position if from/to top or from/to bottom layer animation selected on rows Some old slider layers had the subtype set accidentally which prevented them from being imported. In very rare cases a normal slide converted into a global slide, making 2 global slides available in the module Videos not playing in static slides if the slider layout is set to carousel Parsing CSS can create a PHP notice Safari mask animations do not show animation on second loop PolyFold AddOn stops rendering the editor view until the browser gets resized Added protection against Avada’s transform z on main container which would break the scroll functionality of the slider Global layers can not be controlled by layer actions Canvas with too big area breaks on iOS Selecting ‘auto DPR 4’ would select ‘DPR 4’ Closing modals were failing due to a wrong id if the page had multiple modals Video jumps/shows the cover a short time after the animation ends Having none Isometric Slides before Isometric slider will brake in animation of Layers Disable PanZoom on mobile has no effect In the backend, layers are sometimes not in position until offsetted layers gets selected Parallax content jumps on previous/next slide if page has been scrolled before slide change Multiple carousel navigation’s on same page conflicts with each other Bullet navigation does not get recalculated on resize Modal on default templates doesn’t cover full width Fullscreen modal doesn’t show fullscreen if slider has “Decrease module height” option set = v6.4.11 (30th April 2021) = Bugfixes AddOn installation not available due to version comparing failure (hotfix) = Version 6.4.10 (29th April 2021) = New Features Three.js and WebGL support management between Slider Revolution AddOns Bugfixes Installing slider templates with higher version requirements allows to download templates even if current installed version is not able to handle the data Mobile issues with blurred and 3d animated elements (i.e. Black Friday Template) Static HTML5 video layers can not be imported in editor due to invalid id failure Fullscreen button on HTML5 video is not responding or closing full screen after opening Spinner is showing up under 100ms, even if next carousel element reached Exporting sliders with SVG has a problem when the server was changed from http:// to https:// Importing sliders with SVG in the global slide does not properly import them Video background on IE with landscape video not fitting entire canvas Canvas animation brakes in some cases iOS memory limits, and use too many resources on retina displays Max width of container would stretch image content, and still keep some cached values on original height Play button appears on slide background video WPMU DEV websites issues with the usage of WordPress based caching results in Slider not beeing able to be saved properly = Version 6.4.8 (16th April 2021)​ = New Features​ SVG Layer: Added new option ‘Style All Elements’, enabling it will style all SVG elements in layer, like ellipse, polygon etc. Added popup on “url hash” to shortcode builder options Added “1 Time per session Pop Up” option with session length (default 24 hours) in the shortcode builder options. (Disable and reload frontend to clear cookie) Changes​ Videos will not be prepared at the start on invisible slides, which will avoid unwanted loading side effects Backend optimiziation, further editor loading time and runtime optimizations Replaced Select2 function with ThemePunch functions which brings a great performance boost on the backend Optimized the opening processes in the slider editor. Less loops on multiple draws until all elements are created Replaced tons of innerHTML content building due documentFrames creation Replaced slow input element initialisation processes Added further RAF processes in drawing and initialisation processes to optimize editor runtime processes Changed behaviour by dropping/dragging layers when a group is overlaying rows and columns with an overdimensioned shape inside Bugfixes​ Multiselect dropdowns do not show the selected values Scrolling, resizing screen during select dropdown is open, puts the dropdown offseted to original select position Resizing Layers in editor with aspect ratio set to “auto” or “none” calculates the wrong height of element or giving NaNpx as result Particles Addon 2.3.5: Custom 1 Colored SVG files from Original library can not be colored by particle styles Swapping between External source, image source and solid color/transparent do not update the current slide background image in editor Higher Modal window may add horizontal scrollbar on Window resize Draging Text layer wrap the text if layer hit the right side of parent container, after releaseing all good Slide based aligned layers in backend positioend wrong if layers added to group = Version 6.4.6 (20th March 2021) = Changes DPR got now also auto max values and default is auto DPR Removed unneeded functions and files on WP pages and posts Reduced and cleaned up some of the PHP sources Added indexes to Slider Revolution tables Partly optimized db queries (More will come in next udpates) Bugfixes YouTube video on mobile does not start automatically YouTube video on event pauses, plays and pauses again Gutenberg styling issues after latest WP version update Layer images and background images do not load sometimes (mostly over CDN, or with lazy loading 3rd party plugins) = Version 6.4.5 (19th March 2021) = Bugfixes One time error occuring in the update process introduced in 6.4.4 There was an empty line in the plugin overview at Slider Revolution All text was getting selected at once, now user can select layer text manually On resize Vimeo and YouTube iframes were getting affected by ‘Twenty Twenty One’ theme and causing them to get wrong sizes Sometimes resizing would create horizontal scrollbar or leave blank space on right side Image loading times out on slow network before load, now slider will wait longer for images to load Custom SVG elements would not create a new category on upload, and setting favorite on them would first be visible after reload Pan zoom may shows half sized images after the latest DPR function = v6.4.4 (17th March 2021) = Changes Slides with random speed will fall back to 1000ms, random speed won’t be allowed any more Distortion AddOn stretch images. Option added to set optional scaling Bugfixes If scrollbar gets removed due to page height change then sometimes the slider doesn’t resize Fixed WPBakery page builder block styling HTML5 video layer cover sizing Video fit cover option was causing issues to Vimeo/YouTube backgrounds Bg cover and x% offset calculates the horizontal offset wrong wise on the vertical axis Fixed Vimeo thumbnail not loading in editor. All cookies were decoded by RS, now only cookies set by RS are decoded. Video play/pause button was not showing on mobile. TypeWriter layer postions are not correct in fullscreen sliders. Revolution Slider version 6.4.4 and TypeWriter AddOn version 2.1.1 required Deep linking does not always link to the right page = Version 6.4.3 (9th March 2021) = Changes HTML5 video and background layer have a new option ‘Video Fit Cover’, by default this option is enabled to fit videos as cover. Disable it in case of video size jumps on slide change. Force cover option on bg videos has been removed, the overlay option is now always available on bg videos Bugfixes Layer videos without poster image and paused not showing until revisiting the slide Filter willow breaks in Safari the background visibility. Safari will show a simple black and white filter instead HTML5 video does not playing when the preload options are set to ‘disabled’ Navigation thumb shows more thumbs on mobile due to a width calculation bug Slider not resizing on touch screen desktop screens Background video was getting pushed out of view if filter is set on slide Long videos sometimes buffer. Logic for how videos start playing has been changed to address this but it still depends on browser’s prediction and can’t be always gauranteed Overlay pattern was not working on video layer Backend canvas was not clearing completely if browser was zoomed in Justified carousel ignores aspect ratio at the first load if external images are used Max amount of thumbnails is not working if the thumbnail space is set with the px suffix = Version 6.4.2 (26th February 2021) = Bugfixes Video with unusual aspect ratios zoom in after slide animation. object-fit:cover is now removed from html5 videos Material icon size conflict with WPBakery plugin resolved Retina display shows blurry background images after Slide background animation Random slide background animations break the editor and does not show transitions on frontend Background rendering on auto size, % size, background aligns and background repeats like repeat-x and repeat-y do not render well since version 6.4.0 Changes Slides are now numbered in the actions choices for better usability = v6.4.1 (24th February 2021) = Bugfixes Already created modules with slot slide transitions cause an error in 6.4.0 Firefox character animation with blur has artifacts

Download Slider Revolution v6.5.15 nulled + Addons + Templates:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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